Flame Trees

The two versions of Flame Trees we’ve discussed (Sarah Blasko’s cover and the Cold Chisel original) provide us with an insight into how time can change one’s perspective on life. According to the composer, this is about lost youth and the return to the archetypal Australian country town. “It’s a song of lost love, of mortality and what’s left behind.”

What is this text about? How do we know? ?
Who would be most likely to read and/or view this text and why? ?
What does the composer of the text want us to know/feel?
Textual structures and features
What are the structures and features of the text?
What sort of genre does the text belong to?
What do the images suggest?
What do the words suggest?
What kind of language is used in the text?
Key concept
How is the concept of change evident in this text?
Is the change presented as positive or negative ?Is it enforced? is it short term ? is it long
term ? is it gradual or dramatic? Is the change planned? unplanned ?
What form does the change take – physical, emotional , perceptions, world?